3 Tips for a Traveling Student

Traveling is tricky when you are going abroad, but imagine doing it as a student here are 3 ways to help you get out of the country and have the most fun……….

1. Get Your Tickets Early Not the Week Before

Tickets are expensive to travel overseas but buying tickets a week in advance is not good enough make sure you buy tickets a least a couple months early because is, in the end, you save a lot of money and as a student that helps when you have a lot of debt.

2. Pack What You Need

Depending on where you are going make sure to pack essential items and pack for the duration of your trip and make sure you remember if you are by yourself you are carrying those bags or getting someone to help so pack accordingly.

3.Know Where Your Going

Make sure to do research on where you’re going whether to Italy or to Japan the culture is different from whether you live and go to school.Also, know your way around an airport and follow instructions given by the airport whether its security checkpoints or just sitting waiting for your flight.Another tip, check the status of your flight before you get to the airport and when you do get to the airport make sure to know where your going after the security checkpoint and make sure you get to the airport at least 5 hours early.

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